About Us

Grow Capital Group International

GCG is fast growing company in United Arab Emirates with promising economic growth in terms of business sustainability and profitability.

GCG is specialized in the set-up of companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but can facilitate the incorporation of companies outside the UAE through a well establish network of partner companies. GCG works in various trade activities such as, General Trading, Real Estate, Business Services and last but not the least Management consultancy services in United Arab Emirates.

Our Vision

Maintain quality of work, performance, reputation, and have the right team to achieve our goals. To be a total solution provider by creating a unique professional management structure which enables us to proceed, execute and deliver top notch work.

  • Ensuring that our professional team can help, advice and execute any type of work / services.
  • Maintain friendly surrounding environment and respect our Quality Management System.
  • Maintain the proper and honest confident with all clients / customer.
  • Consistently maintain quality of work and performance to the best standard practice.
  • Proper follow up and continuous upgrading to our core team and suppliers.
  • Maintain full energetic and confident team spirit amount other employees.
  • Proudly work hard to be one group for one world.

Grow Investments

GCG has established itself as a valuable trading partner to its clients. GCG Trading has diversified itself in areas of Gold Trading, IT and Electronics Items, food stuff trading, cosmetics, healthcare products.


Grow Properties

When it comes to Dubai Real Estate, GCG has years of extensive experience. Our experience, expertise and diversity have led us to become the largest and most skilled Dubai Real Estate service providers in UAE.


Grow Business

GCG Business Consultants in Dubai is a leading service provider offers cutting edges solution to help setting up a consulting business evolving world. GCG Business Consultants in Dubai clients are...


Grow Consultancy

GCG finance companies in Dubai have been at the cutting edge of bringing and advancing utilized exchanging money related markets in the area. Since its initiation, GCG has kept on developing...



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